Hart Crane

No stream of greater love advancing now
Than, singing, this mortality alone
Through clay aflow immortally to you.

NaPoWriMo 9

For Anne Boyer’s Facebook Wall

I think about this
		ask the time 
how song become 
		money becomes
baby’s breath becomes
		money again

we eat 
the custom-
er’s hands

		firstly triumphed
		in a major way 
		skeleton under skin
		bone pushing up
		thru & thus humming
		under fluorescent 

ask us how to eat
we fold for it 

NaPoWriMo 8

The Allegory of the Email
for Sarah F

We watch eggs break—bones
picked out from several others.
In an empty cable, next to a 
wall in shadow, so many theaters
of voice converge, a shade of 
gray brought forward. Charlotte—
the customer—her heart moves 
	as water edges against her.

Her hair is weather patterns—
a spark pulling thru. Her hours are 
paint, William Blake, shark penises
—under the wall we sit listening 
slowly to paws tap glass.

Below, the town withers, twines
its ropey recession around & around.

NaPoWriMo 6

for Jess


the fuzz eloped—
then the dogs who
smell pot on things 

		there are almost no friends 
		then a metal bird—the borders
		that keep things—meat sacks

	fuzz in eye in wind 
	fuzz ordained—not 
	fuzz contingent

the people change 
become librarians 
met well to refer 
to pollen in such & such

	but [still] a few birds to tell
	what you’ve done

NaPoWriMo 5

after Rosemarie Waldrop reading, UMaine Orono

 		why is my skin
		all over the place 

a pale connection
of limbs / in webs 
things burnt as food 

	look into some
	computers being 
	monstrous lenses 

just wait it 

shake your head
to nod please 
to the feeling in keys
squatter's of language 
a mighty fine wind 

	gingerly monetized 
	& left in a ditch 
	by a highway
	which cuts thru 
	a wood 

flowering with 
		  loose names

NaPoWriMo 4

to the spacial relation between mountain & car

		torment the speed between the path crossed

	—upturned faces holy / in post-light light

& volumes pilled together in apology / always apology  


		chummy  coworkers drive fat / iridescent children 

	future incarcerants / possible pitch to black 

[personal pronoun] am driving over trampled wet bodies 

	in semi-circles / around imaginary phones 


the mother in the chimney place / broken with a  

	broken like folks / are some broken forest limbs 

& [personal pronoun] are the apology tree 

	lonely like spreading out the sky such 


	—violent Zuk strikes low at the gravel road

only got lonesome to watch birds shit in pieces 

	his lover / the force binding sticks / is packaging  

is ugly praying mantis encountered in a shaft dim 

		ragged poor in the depths of depression