NaPoWriMo 4

to the spacial relation between mountain & car

		torment the speed between the path crossed

	—upturned faces holy / in post-light light

& volumes pilled together in apology / always apology  


		chummy  coworkers drive fat / iridescent children 

	future incarcerants / possible pitch to black 

[personal pronoun] am driving over trampled wet bodies 

	in semi-circles / around imaginary phones 


the mother in the chimney place / broken with a  

	broken like folks / are some broken forest limbs 

& [personal pronoun] are the apology tree 

	lonely like spreading out the sky such 


	—violent Zuk strikes low at the gravel road

only got lonesome to watch birds shit in pieces 

	his lover / the force binding sticks / is packaging  

is ugly praying mantis encountered in a shaft dim 

		ragged poor in the depths of depression

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