NaPoWriMo 9

For Anne Boyer’s Facebook Wall

I think about this
		ask the time 
how song become 
		money becomes
baby’s breath becomes
		money again

we eat 
the custom-
er’s hands

		firstly triumphed
		in a major way 
		skeleton under skin
		bone pushing up
		thru & thus humming
		under fluorescent 

ask us how to eat
we fold for it 

NaPoWriMo 7

 the subtleties of denim torn 
& the weather
		finally beautiful here 
there is more of that 
	in the pools of clouds 

NaPoWriMo 6

for Jess


the fuzz eloped—
then the dogs who
smell pot on things 

		there are almost no friends 
		then a metal bird—the borders
		that keep things—meat sacks

	fuzz in eye in wind 
	fuzz ordained—not 
	fuzz contingent

the people change 
become librarians 
met well to refer 
to pollen in such & such

	but [still] a few birds to tell
	what you’ve done

NaPoWriMo 4

to the spacial relation between mountain & car

		torment the speed between the path crossed

	—upturned faces holy / in post-light light

& volumes pilled together in apology / always apology  


		chummy  coworkers drive fat / iridescent children 

	future incarcerants / possible pitch to black 

[personal pronoun] am driving over trampled wet bodies 

	in semi-circles / around imaginary phones 


the mother in the chimney place / broken with a  

	broken like folks / are some broken forest limbs 

& [personal pronoun] are the apology tree 

	lonely like spreading out the sky such 


	—violent Zuk strikes low at the gravel road

only got lonesome to watch birds shit in pieces 

	his lover / the force binding sticks / is packaging  

is ugly praying mantis encountered in a shaft dim 

		ragged poor in the depths of depression

NaPoWriMo 3

for Sarah C.

"etc. What makes an email a poem?”

one that can be seen through the lens 
	of a seed 

		generally established an order 

to impress that which is unfinished at the time 
more agreeable 
			despite similar difficulty 

					questions unanswered 
“sail away with flowing waters” 

NaPoWriMo 2

[NB: I now remember why I quit using WordPress, it is damn near impossible to get your formatting right. So FYI this is not how the poem should actually look.]

after the correspondence of Zukofsky & Pound

 that and 

o / and  / after all / carry with them all the baggage

		she only	 interprets 
	refutes there is a lot of money policy 
		abducted Hades / flowers fell from her lap
that she is abducted in ceaseless experimentation 
between the beetle and the idyll pastoral 

	[philosopher] in parallax / in view of others 
		too set in motion from idleness  
	playing with the French reception
vanguards of electric speaking 

in theory anything goes into 80 flowers 
	and [old poet] rejects a leaden winter
	driving torpid boatloads
to rejection of natures
	object over the is not / is known 
fugue of lungs to driven snow  
		hardly reassuring images
	weeds pushing 
	up in places   
	deafened by 
	credo and by 
	melodic vegetables 

		fake flower
	“make it [money]”  

NaPoWriMo 1

after Stephanie Young

she / likened to be grand 
	so too she / diddled to influence 

over another broken-faced river 
to be programed with an image 

	possible to write it with 
	only to know how the pen marks 

yes / us / yes / in us image
speaks of cruel downloads 

	labeled to stacks of glass 
	to strangled tables or rows 
	of how we barely eager 
	to be hay-blown 

ummm / beastly ganders flying 
making annoying noises 
all these people with mouth / always
half the bad feelings in water 
unable to be listened to 
and / yet / also over cinched 

	someone else in tyranny in
	a room / divides in a room 
	another vocal tone toyed with 

so various carrion in legions 
cleans up the brain / the brain 
cleaned magnificent with school
“the blue crayon of misery” 
stuck in our organs 

	the question: 
	do people move like money
	moves through rooms in 
	houses / broken vessel moving
	through an apartment wall 
	which weeps through the 
	airport hall bleached white 
	the bleach feeling its line / feeling
	its quality of line / depth / gaslight 

the tub /hangs / hung / feels itself 
masturbated / strangled 
and left out to forced air / to all
circular moving in old parts 
of cities that were never young 

	will masculine things go to movies
	or differently / will lethargy wear out